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still here... tucson actually. out of the military, attending school, working full time. been thinking there are some folk out there that i honestly have no idea how to contact them. much to say, i've always been a big fan of telling stories.

email address is same...


i am taking down most of the links on this site. i'll probably spend the next few months of my free time coming up with an entirely new layout. the only parts of my site will still be accessible via direct address input, or using the available seach engine. however, I'm going to work out something a bit more interesting, and relevant to my current state of mind. this marks a permanent change from a website that is dedicated to the past and present life of douglas malcore, to the present and future.


finally a new diary entry. a real one, seriously. updates on my life and such. my thoughts recently have been dominated by making up an entirely new website. something a bit more serious. i'll update the diary and and make a modern version of my life, but will leave the old pages un-altered and still available. no need for me to fuck with the old shit i wrote about my girlfriends when i was young and immature. that's best left in it's current state, so i can blow it off easily, and people don't think i'm still the same type of person i was 5 years ago.


greetings all. it's been a while, indeed, and i know it. i guess drinking, myspace, stress over my future have all pushed my website on the backburner. i honestly do not have a clue as to what i'm going to be in 6 months. (i get out in 3.5) so we'll see. of course, suggestions are always appreciated, and comments welcome.

still at doug@dougmalcore.com

email for phone number if you'd like, i'm off to corpus christi, tx for new years. have a good one all...


so i've been gone for a bit again. you didn't miss much besides a lot of working that i've done.
also, on 24 july i was in a bit of a car accident. car rolled over maybe 4 times and i was the only one seriously injured. the german doctors put me into a coma and kept me in the hospital for a few weeks, but i think i'm good now... here's the story


it's my never ending project to be more self-centered...
more to come, i need to stop drinking so much on the weekend to save money. (the exchange rate kicks my ass). it might be coming time to be moving back to the states in the next few months. more in the diary...


haven't written in a while... my muse is gone and i've lost the motivation temporarily. this site is due for a huge revamp also. this week i will be gone with our german sister unit snowboarding. very cool, 4 days off of work to go live on a mountain. i'm lucky.


life's the same, finally done with the field for a while. hopefully, i'll write more now, have a few pages in the works, but i've been submitting photography manipulations for review, so i'm not as dedicated to this site as i should be. diary entries will be more regular though, i promise...


congrats to tanner and steffi, last night they got engaged.



happy birthday to me today... 25 years on the planet


finally finished a page about a trip we took last weekend. i'd like to elaborate more, and write about some other cool stuff that happened, but things are just too busy lately.

to the story


i'm putting up some photos here quick, so the family and pals can see some quick. i'm buying a scanner here shortly, then i'll have a bunch more for you all. not anything special yet, but something to look at perhaps.

here's a link


greetings from germany. i'm here with the army now, got my computer put together... some german internet, so i'm ready to do some website stuff again when i find the time. so at least check out the diary once in a while, because that's what i'm going to do first.


last day of the year... I'm home on leave, right now I'm actually in wi, but i fly back to tucson tomorrow. I have to report back to ft. bliss on jan 03. i just wanted to try and get some more of my journal entries up since dan doesn't seem to want to get it done. i put up another week, but some of my letters are in washington, so I couldn't get that much. hopefully all is well.


written my last diary entry of the next six months. dan will be running my site for the interim period, and you can check out the army journal above to follow my status. i apologize that some of the pages aren't completely finished, but it's just too time consuming to write that many stories.


finished the template for my little brother. he's writing my basic training journal, so you all can keep tabs on me when i'm sweating in the Oklahoma summer. you've noticed a new button above, or you can click here to see it.

army journal link


did a little work on the 'carlsbad caverns' page that i want to get up. a few pics are there for your enjoyment. but the text is mainly cut and paste from my diary entry about it. you might like some of the pictures so far. i'll try to finish it before i leave.

carlsbad caverns link