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Week 07
"Blue Phase Begins"

Stupid Messed up Poison Ivy. It itched so bad last night that it woke me up from a dead sleep. We only get showers once a day, and I have like nothing to put on it. So hard no to stratch... Yesterday was the only day since last friday that it didn't get worse, but today's it's about twice as bad. I don't know how to make it tolerable for the next four days, and that's all I need to do. I really can't imagine doing a 10K tomorrow when I can barely bend my ankles. If we can go to the PX this afternoon, maybe I'll be able to buy some stuff to make it through. The worst though, is the horrible swollen ankles that I have.

So I'm just waiting in line for the phone now, worrying about my ankles, wondering if I should go to sick call tomorrow and miss the 10K. I know I never will, but this all just sucks.

It's so rainy today too. This morning it was completely pouring out. I guess some hurricane or something might be headed this way, so the weather could get interesting on our FTX. That sucks too. I just cannot get out of this bad mood for the past few days.

Vollrath told me that his parents were big fans of this site. Since everyone here is telling friends/family about this, they want comments about themselves. That's cool, but it takes a while for these pages to get posted.

September 1st tomorrow, that's so messed up that I've been here for 2 months already. It feels like I've been away from home for the longest time, but basic has only been a few weeks. It's gone fast. Yesterday I had my first cheeseburger since July 6th. Since all but 7 of us passed the PT test, we can now eat whatever we want except ice cream in a bowl, and soda. It seriously was strange to eat a cheeseburger, but I eat so fast now I don't taste it that much anyhow. Plus, I usually have 3-4 different types of foods in my mouth at one time, it's just a collage of flavor. When I'm finishing chewing so I can stand up, I'll taste some jello or something, then I realize I ate the jello first. Whatever...

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